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Our dedication is to provide you with the best experience in the most affordable pricing, and due to that we came up with VIP donation area. 

VIP Membership Prices 

1 Month Membership: $16  

2 Month Membership: $30 

3 Month Membership: $ 44

6 Month Membership: $ 80( 1 month is free - based on pricing )

1 Year Membership: $ 150 (More than 2 months free - based on pricing)


Advantages of Vip Member:

  • Get access to exclusive areas which includes accounts to filehosts, streaming, vpn, proxies, gaming, music, education, porn accounts subdivided in multiple different sections to make it easier for you to search and much more.
  • Fresh, high quality, rare passes which are not shared anywhere else!
  • Access to exclusive V.I.P Config Section, consisting of configs that are rare, generally made by cracking team.
  • Access to private or rare tools.
  • Access to backdoor section.
  • Have unlimited PM storage!
  • Priority is given to Vip requests over normal requests, and they are Guaranteed to be completed. 

To buy V.I.P Membership for Cracking Lords contact the --==Admin==-- via Skype or send a pm







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