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    1. Download the JAR file from link below. 2. Save the file to a location you can remember. 3. Open CMD/Terminal/Whatever u have. 4. Type in "java -jar <entire path to .jar file>" 5. Press enter. 6. Type in entire path for .txt file with proxies. Press Enter. (Quicktip: You can drag the .txt file into the cmd/terminal and it will auto paste the entire path) 7. Type in entire path for .txt where you want the working codes to save to. This file must be made already. Java installed on device. Offline Java. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] 8. Type "G" or "N" for what type of product you want to generate. G = game | N = nitro 9. Type in threads amount. The more threads. The faster. 10. Now be fucking lucky to find a code.
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    02 December XXX Passwords Mix [Hidden Content]
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